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Published onNov 18, 2021


  • (video) I hosted a special broadcast edition salon to launch Timezone#4 (November’21), a new node in the Temporal Secessionism series by Nascent. Watch here.

  • (article) I wrote an essay ‘Reminiscences of a Clock Operator’, examining blockchain xenotemporalities for an upcoming collection compiled by Nascent to commemorate the closing of Ljubljana Biennale Of Graphic Arts, Slovenia. Read the unabridged ‘Relativistic Version’ Here.

  • (article) I wrote the feature essay ‘The Revolution Will Not Be Tokenised’ for the next issue of Spike Art Magazine, critiquing digital art. Out early’22.

  • (article) My editorial column at the MIT Computational Law Report continues with the first in a series on ‘(mis)adventures in Crypto-Governance’. Read Tour d’Horizon Here.

  • (podcast) the second and third SalonCast audio reports just dropped, talking Bitcoin by recounting The Indifference Engine & Transcendental Time Machines salon conversations with colleagues. Listen via Soundcloud.

  • (recitals) I read out some words on behalf of the Cryptographic Poetics Researchers’ Union in Berlin on 29th October (Awham Magazine launch @ AP Bookstore) and 4th November (Habib William Kherbek ‘Best Intentions’ book launch @ TV Bar).

  • (interview) I did an extensive interview on Bitcoin and tokenisation which is in print in the latest issue of Awham Magazine.

  • (interview - podcast + transcript) I gave a very detailed interview on TokenSpace, DAOs, MIT, 0x Salon and formative experiences for the kind folks at Diffractions Collective. Listen / read here.

  • (videogame stream/talk) I gave a talk inside the ‘Eco’ game environment recently, discussing resource-based economic systems and network externalities with The Mycological Twist as part of their Reverse Synergy installation at the 7th Athens Biennale. Watch via YouTube.

  • (radio play) a group of friends recently finished recording an improvised radio play that was funded by the Black Swan Working Group at Trust in early’21. Currently in post-production.

  • (card game) we are currently play-testing the 0x Salon card game, see some recent cards in this Tweet.

  • (articles) peer-reviewed Internet Policy Review Glossaries on Cryptoeconomics & Mining

  • (poetics) a number of poetic critiques were produced by the CPRU collective, of which I am a participating member.

  • (video) an invited lecture on the theme of Patricia Reed’s recent piece ‘The Valuation of Necessity: A Cosmological View of Our Technologies & Culture’, hosted by 221A.

  • (video) panel discussion on ‘Socialising Tokens’ at Moneylab Berlin. 

  • (video) panel discussion ‘The Transdisciplinary Art of Token Engineering’. Watch on YouTube

  • (newsletter) I write the Sweeping Statements newsletter each month, covering latest 0x Salon happenings.

  • (events) I organised 15 0x Salon events over the year, mostly online.

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