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Published onDec 28, 2022

outputs & happenings

  • (poetics) Ignota’s new ‘Mountain’ initiative invited me to recite ’The Necroprimitivst Manifesto’ recently, more info. Two recent poems: ‘Romance, Capital, Time’ and ‘Versus In Numinis’, alongside several recent CPRU pieces.

  • (articles) Currently writing on DAOs, code as law, data governance, and necroprimitivism. I co-wrote a new foreword to Anna Greenspan’s Ph.D. thesis ‘Capitalism’s Transcendental Time Machine’, for a book edition out soon via Miskatonic Virtual University Press. A short piece on Bitcoin eschatologies ‘In The State Machine of Nature, Nothing Will Be Lost’ was published on the occasion of 업체eobchae’s solo exhibition eoracle, at DOOSAN Gallery, Seoul. Some clippings here.

  • (music) My solo sound art project Essential Abstractions made music for several 0x Salon projects this year, notably ‘Rune With A View’ and ‘Runestone Immanence’. Twelve years in the making, find ‘The Art of Indifference OST’ here.

    Runestone CΩwbΩy - A Rune With A View by The Centrifuge
  • (events & presentations) In October, I was busy at the 20th edition of Unsound Festival, giving a new presentation ‘Prophet Motives’, as well as chairing a 0x Salon panel on web3 and the arts.

    No Gods, No Master(Node)s: Decentralisation, Delegation & Dissent on the Timechain // Wassim Alsindi
  • (new lecture recording) I debuted a new talk ‘No Gods No Master(node)s’ on the thorny topic of ‘code is law’ at the New Centre for Research & Practice on Thursday 8th September, for the ‘Daemon & Discord: Anatomy of a DAO’ course. You can watch an expanded re-recording on the 0x Salon YouTube.

  • (exhibitions) The 0x Salon’s interactive storytelling environment ‘THE IMMACULATE MISCONCEPTION’ was exhibited at MEET Digital Culture Center in Milan in October. A video documenting our satirical play ‘THE BLACK HOLE OF MONEY’ will be presented at ZKM in Karlsruhe in November. More information here, and some mainstream press coverage.

    THE BLACK HOLE OF MONEY Theatre Premiere presented by CLICK Festival (Helsingor, Denmark, 19/8/22)
    The Art of Indifference: Wassim Z. Alsindi & the 0x Salon's STARTS Residency Video (full)


  • (theatre premiere) The 0x Salon debuted our new satirical play about Bitcoin recently! ‘THE BLACK HOLE OF MONEY’ was presented by CLICK at the Kulturvaeftet, Helsingør, Denmark on Friday August 19th. Get in touch to discuss future presentations. More info here.

  • (podcasts) Social Discipline ‘₿etween Collective Salvation and Private Enrichment’, with Mattin and Miguel Prado. ‘Seed Phrase’ with Simon Denny, hosted by The New Institute. A special edition of the Mint and Burn podcast, recorded as part of the Digital Ethnography and Blockchain Reading Group where we discussed my MIT Computational Law Report article ‘(mis)adventures in Crypto-Governance I’.

  • (dialogue article) Over a few weeks in spring’22, I co-authored a dialogue entitled ‘Notes on Phygitality’ with Charlie Robin Jones. The end result was published in NXS WORLD, Issue#6 which is available in print from all fine outlets. You can now read it online here.

  • (presentations) Links to talks for Collecteurs (‘Futures of Art History’), and two for the Goldsmiths MFA Art & Curation lecture series: ‘JPEGing The Question’ solo & ‘Dissentralisation Theatre’ with Jaya Klara Brekke. An informal talk on governance of decentralised systems for the MIT Computational Law Report ‘B-coin: Ungovernable?‘.

  • (memes) I recently did an interview for Spectrum in Milan around Memetic Countercultures. Read here.

  • (consultations) Pleased to announce that I am now a Collecteurs Academy Mentor! This is the best way to reach me for discussions on creative, epistemic, and technical matters pertaining to digital art, tokens, peer-to-peer networks, and everything in-between. Book in with me here.

  • (radio play) The 0x Salon recently published ‘SWAN FAKE’ (February’22), an improvised radio play that was initiated by the Black Swan Working Group at Trust in early’21. Listen here.

  • (article) writings on the hows and whys of tokenised art ‘JPEGing The Question: Histories and Futures of Immateraliality’ (February’22) is now available on RightClickSave, a new critical discourse platform. Read here.

  • (article) my article ‘Bitcointingency: An Economics of Indeterminacy’ (February’22) has been published by Weird Economies, an art platform exploring idiosyncrasies of speculative finance. Read here.

  • (article) I wrote the feature essay ‘The Revolution Will Not Be Tokenised’ (January’22) for issue#70 of Spike Art Magazine, critiquing digital art. Read here.

  • (interview) Berlin Art Link interviewed me about the 0x Salon, memes, GANs and token art (January’22). Read here.

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